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7 Insanely Affordable Destinations in the U.S.

Posted: July 5, 2017

Need a getaway, but worried about the cost? According to LearnVest, a financial website, 75 percent of us have gone into debt to pay for a vacation. Nonetheless, with a little bit of planning, you can take the vacation you need without breaking the bank. So pack your bags because we've got a list of the top 7 most affordable destinations in the US.


Memphis, TN

Immerse yourself in the musical history of Memphis! The best time to visit on a budget is in the fall or spring. If you're traveling by car, make sure to avoid the roads between 7 to 9 a.m. and 4 to 6:30 p.m. If you don't want to deal with Memphis traffic, you can rely on the Memphis Area Transit Authority buses. Moderately-priced hotels ca be found along I-55 just south of the Mississippi state line. Memphis offers plenty of free attractions such as Mud Island River Park, the duck march at The Peabody Memphis and the art museum at the University of Memphis.

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $26


San Antonio, TX

Home to the legendary Alamo and River Walk, San Antonio is full of things to do. While hotels and restaurants in the heart of the city will charge higher prices for their location, room rates here are still cheaper than other Texas destinations. If you have transportation, staying in the northwest side may save you some money. If not, San Antonio's mass transit system, Via, uses street cars and buses - a one-day pass for unlimited rides will only cost you $4. 

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $38


Williamsburg, VA

This Virginia town is both affordable and educational. The best time to visit and miss the rush is in the fall or early spring.  Budget travelers will want to stay near the Historic District - there are plenty of affordable hotels in this area. Buying a combo pack will ensure you see the best sites without spending a fortune (not to mention, children under 6 are always free).

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $42


Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque is home to legendary hospitality, endless sunshine, and a unique, historic culture. If you're planning to spend most of your time in the city, you can save by using public transportation - ABQ Ride operates bus routes throughout the city, making it easy and affordable. In terms of things to do, The Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau offers a selection of coupons and specials on its website, as well as getaway packages and affordable activities.

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $45


Tucson, AZ

Although the weather can get insanely hot in Tucson, hotel rates drop as much as 60% from winter to summer. The best way to get around Tuscon is by car, which means either driving there or renting a car once you get there. As far as things to do, Tucson appeals to a diverse group of travelers. And, for only $22, the Tucson Attractions Passport will grant you two-for-one admission to popular attractions in the area.

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $54


Las Vegas, NV

If you can stay away from the casino floor, Las Vegas doesn't have to cost you a fortune. There's no shortage of online deals on flights and hotel rooms, so make sure to do plenty of research before arranging travel plans. Additionally, planing a midweek trip instead of a weekend getaway will save you lots on hotel rooms. As far as attractions go, many are free to see, such as the Bellagio Fountains.

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $56


Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a gigantic national park covering 1,904 square miles. The size might be imposing, but the cost doesn't have to be. Plan your trip on the South Rim of the park instead of the North Rim (it has more services and activities). Stay at a campground inside the park rather than a hotel, lodge or cabin - Mather Campground is the cheapest place to stay inside the park. Bring most of your own food and drinks, plus extra food for snacking and day trips. 

Average Daily Cost (Per Person, Per Day): $57


*Bonus Tips*

1. Use cash to stop you at what you have set as your budget. There's nothing worse than getting home from vacation and looking at the credit card bill.

2. Always plan out your visit and look for deals in advance. The more research you do, the better deals you will find.

3. Visit Budget Your Trip to estimate your travel costs, plan your travel budget and track your travel expenses.


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